Why Choose Us

What could be the difference between Prestige Home Healthcare, Inc. and other home health care companies? We know you want to make sure if we are worth it, or if we provide quality services and if we are licensed and truly skilled.  Here are reasons why we should be your primary choice when it comes to home health care:

  • Prestige Home Healthcare, Inc. has been around for a very long time.  We are one of the pioneers in medical community and the home health care industry.  All we think of is you—the help we could render you.  We try to be good with words but we are better at applying our words into actions.  Care professionals at Prestige Home Healthcare, Inc. are eager to begin home health services with you at home.
  • We here at Prestige Home Healthcare, Inc. aren’t beginners for sure for we have rendered services to a number of people since the beginning of our company and are currently serving even more.  But don’t worry about that, although we have a lot of clients for the moment as it has ever been, we also have a lot of staff with us.  We will continue to hire more professionals to meet the demands of our clientele.  There’s always room for everyone here at Prestige Home Healthcare, Inc.  There’s always a care professional for you here.
  • Our Skilled Nurses, Home Health Aides, Medical Social Workers, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists work hand in hand with your physician to come up with how to help you best.  We design an individualized care plan to guide us in delivering the utmost efficiency for your retirement or recovery.
  • The quality of our services are our priority that is why we background check our medical workers so strictly and train each one so rigorously and teach them good work ethics —all that for our even greater priority – YOU.

Call 708-233-9057 for more information and for the assessment of which services might be best for you as we look up together our Service Page.  You’re just a phone call away from the treatment you deserve!